Labor and Immigration Law

KATZ & LOPEZ offers labor counseling to its clients, including the preparation of labor agreements, preparation of internal rules for companies, obtainment of work permits and representation before the corresponding authorities (judiciary and administrative).

According Panama labor laws, the foreign work force in companies operating in Panama, cannot exceed 10% of the ordinary personnel and 15% in case of technicians or experts. Foreign workers are required to have a labor permit and visa, in order that they may be allowed to integrate the company’s labor force. KATZ & LOPEZ is prepared to handle the filing of the visa and labor permits for the company’s foreign executives and ordinary foreign work force, and will assist the client in the completion of the requirements.

KATZ & LOPEZ also handles diverse visas and permits, such as investor, economic solvency, retired or pensioned citizen, among others.

If you are planning on moving to Panama, you and your dependant will be required to furnish a valid police record duly authenticated either by Consular services or Apostille Convention, as well as certificates of marriage, birth certificates for your children, all authenticated with the indicated formalities.

Other documents such as proof of financial capacity or investment, labor contract, etc. will be requested by the authorities depending on the type of visa required.