Conciliation & Arbitration

Alternate Methods for the Solution of Conflicts
The General Regime for the application of Alternate Methods for the Solution of Conflicts, is regulated in Panama by Law Decree No. 5 of 1999.

The Law Decree regulates not only domestic, but also International arbitration, and helps establish Panama as an international center for the solution of conflicts.

Conciliation and Mediation.
Parties to a contract, persons experiencing difficulties or disagreements in their transactions, may settle their disputes and/or reach an understanding by submitting themselves to a conciliation or mediation procedure.

Panama counts with centers specialized in these type of procedures, which provide for a neutral environment allowing informal discussions necessary to clarify and identity the points of conflict.

The parties may also choose to hold private procedures and designate their own conciliator or mediator. In this cases, the firm’s partners may serve as a conciliators or mediators, or may represent one of the parties during the procedure with the purpose of facilitating the dialogue and helping identify the motive of dispute.


KATZ & LOPEZ has served as appointed negotiator in many controversies and has actively participated in reaching judicial and extra-judicial transactions. The firm is prepared to draft the necessary documents and sustain meetings with the opposing parties and their counsels, in order to reach an understanding that would keep the parties from recurring to the court system, or help terminate an existing judicial procedure.

The firm counts with certified and experienced arbitrators, and has participated as counsel for the claimant or respondent party in national and international proceedings, which include filing the request for arbitration before the designated entity, representing the party during the course of the process, and afterwards, in the enforcement of the award before the competent jurisdiction.