Commercial Law

Contracts and Legal Documents.
Our firm provides diverse corporate and mercantile services such as the drafting, preparation, and revision or distribution, agency, franchise, joint-venture, representation and bank agreements; counseling in the preparation of negotiable instruments; counseling and representation of businesses for natural and/or juridical persons in Panama, the Colon Free Zone and abroad.

a.- Corporations
Panama corporations are regulated and organized under Law No. 32 of 1927, since then it has provided for the legal structure under which the vast majority of companies, not only in Panama but also abroad are organized. Except for certain regulated activities, corporations can be represented by bearer shares, that not necessarily need to have nominal value. Most business transactions and projects can be conducted or executed by means of corporations, as would be the case in a joint venture for the acquisition of land, that will afterwards be developed into a housing project, the constitution of an international Call Center, or the setting up of a chain of product distribution. Corporations are also employed in personal asset protection and planning, together with Private Interest Foundations.

KATZ & LOPEZ also handles offshore corporations from jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands and Bahamas, and offers counseling in the structuring of complex business operations that would require the employ of offshore and local corporations.

b.- Private Interest Foundations
Private Interest Foundations were organized in the Republic of Panama under Law No. 25 of 1995, and constitute a convenient tool for asset protection, as well as for the planning and distribution of family patrimonies. Assets transferred to the foundation constitute a separate patrimony from that of the founder, and cannot be object of precautionary measures for obligations not pertaining to the foundation. Management and control of the foundations is handled through its own private statutes or rules to be drafted by the founder and / or the appointed council. KATZ & LOPEZ offers complete counseling in the organization of Private Interest Foundations and distribution of assets.

c.- Securities
In the case of regulated activities that require the approval or registration before the National Securities Commission, such as the administration of securities, KATZ & LOPEZ will assist the client in the drafting and obtainment of necessary documents, and will furnish the necessary information for the achievement of the transaction.