Administrative Field

a.- Trademarks
The Republic of Panama is not only signatory of international conventions related to the subject, it has also issued during the last years effective laws to protect these internationally recognized rights

Our firm assists the clients with the handling of intellectual property diligences such as the registration of trademarks, patents and copyrights.

In this area of practice KATZ & LOPEZ offers the following services: prospect search, supervision and monitoring to the trademarks and patents. KATZ & LOPEZ counts with the support of its correspondents abroad allowing the firm to protect the rights of its clients by the best means. If necessary, KATZ & LOPEZ will engage litigation in this area of the law in the interest of its clients.

a.1- Registration of Intellectual Property Rights in the Colon Free Zone

Due to the intense international commercial activity of the Colon Free Zone, this office of registration was created with the purpose of allowing holders of intellectual property rights to initiate actions in cases such as the introduction of counterfeited products. As a part of its intellectual property legal services, KATZ & LOPEZ actively participates in keeping its clients informed on any events that may affects its rights, maintaining contact with the authorities charged with the supervision of merchandises entering and exiting the Free Zone.

b.- Commercial Licenses, Sanitary registrations

KATZ & LOPEZ manages the obtainment of commercial, service, industrial, processing zone and hydrocarbons licenses, among others, before the corresponding authorities. The firm also procures the obtainment and renewal of sanitary registrations for the following: food, cosmetics, medicaments, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and in general all products destined to the Panamanian market for which the law requires registration and permit. KATZ & LOPEZ processes distribution licenses and the operations required.