About Us

sociosKATZ & LOPEZ is a Panamanian law firm with offices based in the Panama City banking center, Republic of Panama, specializing in commercial law.

The firm serves as counsel for many local companies involved in domestic and international trading transactions, as well as for companies domiciled in the Colon Free Zone and abroad.

KATZ & LOPEZ furnishes advice and services to its clients in the many situations that arise as part of a company’s commercial life and activity, such as contract revisions, settlement of labor disputes and claims, drafting and filing for special petitions before the administrative and judicial authorities, requesting visas and labor permits for foreign executives, trademark registration, tax concerns, commercial dispute settlement and litigation, among others.

KATZ & LOPEZ also attends cases in particular branches derived from civil and commercial law, such as: litigation, dispute resolution through alternative methods such as conciliation and arbitration, corporate due diligence, horizontal property and real estate, telecommunications, and family law.

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Nuestra Historia


KATZ & LOPEZ was founded in 1994 by Roy Katz and Esteban López Moreno, and were joined in 1996 by Zaira Jaén. Today the law firm is guided by the three partners and counts with a staff of young lawyers and collaborators.

The guiding principles of KATZ & LOPEZ are confidentiality, promptness and responsibility. The firm strives to offer direct and customized attention to its clients and their needs.

KATZ & LOPEZ specializes in commercial law, and serves as counsel to many local companies operating in Panama City as well as in the Colón Free Zone, and abroad. The firm is prepared to handle all aspects related to legal requirements of a company operating in the telecommunications, distribution, financial and service sector.

The firm is an active promoter of alternate methods of conflict solution, such as conciliation, mediation and arbitration.

KATZ & LOPEZ and its partners have participated in international and local arbitrations, either as members of the tribunal or in representation of a party, and are well versed in the diverse rules of arbitration and procedure existing under international treaties, as well as those established by commercial organizations. The firm has mediated in the solution of many commercial disputes, and has supervised and negotiated the execution of settlement agreements.

KATZ & LOPEZ has represented and served as counsel for many project developers and builders in diverse grand scale real estate projects, such as shopping malls, high-rises, or the buy-sell operations of large surfaces of lands, as well as in particular investment projects of its clients; handling the filing for the incorporation of the Horizontal Property Regime, drafting and negotiation of contracts, and property tax issues, conducting the necessary investigations and due diligences as required by the client.

KATZ & LOPEZ’s offices are located in the heart of the Panamanian banking center, counts with all necessary communication and information systems, disposes of highly qualified personnel, and is willing and ready to serve.