KATZ & LOPEZ, Panamanian law firm, with more than 25 years of proven experience and continuously updated to meet the market’s demands, with assertive and personal service vision; based on the high standards of efficiency, probity, confidentiality, and professional excellence, by offering consultancy to our clients in different types of transactions, whether national or international.

KATZ & LOPEZ was founded in 1994 by its founding partners Roy Katz and Esteban López Moreno. Later, Zaira Jaén and Anasiris Vásquez de Melfi, were included as partners in 1996 and 2017, respectively.

KATZ & LOPEZ aids and renders services to their clients in many situations because of the commercial activities and development of their different companies.

Currently,  KATZ & LOPEZ is a multidisciplinary firm, thanks to their experience in serving local and international companies.

The firm counts with a specialized and prepared group of attorneys, committed to offering our clients top-notch service, in the legal area they require, by complying, at all times, with the regulatory aspects demanded by the Law.

KATZ & LOPEZ has represented and served as an advisor in national and international arbitrations, in large scale construction projects, as advisor of many renowned banking institutions in the country, in the transfer of assets through purchase-sale, excision, or any other mean of cession. In all kinds of investment contracts, preparation, and contract negotiation. The firm counts with the necessary elements to manage full compliance of the affairs entrusted by its clients, such as communication and computer systems and mainly, a highly qualified work team, ready and willing to serve.